Authgear use cases

Take a look at just a few of Authgear's use cases

Authgear is an easy-to-use authentication platform that you can add to your apps to manage user sign-ins and identities. It saves your team and company from spending money, time, and dealing with potential issues that can happen when you try to make your own user sign-in and identity system.

  • You've made a great app and now you want users to be able to sign in using either a username/password or their social media accounts like Facebook or Google. You also want to access their profile information after they've signed in so you can customize the user interface to them and apply your own rules about what they can do.

  • You've also created an API or backend service that you want to protect using OAuth 2.0.

  • You've got more than one app, and you're looking to set up Single Sign-on (SSO), so users only need to sign in once.

  • You've made a JavaScript web app and a mobile app, and you need them both to safely connect to your API.

  • You have a web app that needs to confirm users' identities using the centralized authentication system.

  • You think passwords aren't secure enough and want your users to log in with unique codes sent through email or text messages.

  • If a user's email address gets leaked in a data breach on some other site, you want to know about it. You also want to warn the users, or even stop them from logging into your app until they've changed their password.

  • If you notice a lot of failed login attempts from the same IP address, you want to be able to block it to prevent a DDoS attack.

  • If you're part of a big company, you want to link your current employee directory service so that employees can use their existing work credentials to sign in to different internal and outside apps.

  • You don't want to or don't know how to, build your own system for managing users. This includes resetting passwords, creating, giving access to, blocking, and deleting users, as well as a user interface for managing all this. You just want to focus on your app.

  • You want to add an extra layer of security, multi-factor authentication (MFA), when users try to access sensitive information.

  • You're looking for an identity solution to help you comply with the ever-increasing rules and regulations of standards like SOC2, GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and others.

  • You want to keep an eye on users' activities on your site or app. You want to use this information to improve the user journey, measure how well you keep users, and improve your sign-up process.

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