Billing FAQ

Frequently asked questions on how billing works on Authgear

The following section of the doc answers frequently asked questions about billing.

How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe to the plan that suits your need from the Billing section in the Authgear Portal. To do that, simply click on the Subscribe button for the plan. You will be redirected to a checkout page where you can make a payment to complete the purchase.

If you require a more custom plan or want to subscribe to the enterprise plan, simply send an email to

Note: Billing for each month is charged on the first day of the month. In case you subscribed to a plan any other day after the 1st day of a month, you'll be charged the prorated amount immediately.

Can I switch between plans?

Yes! You can switch from one plan to another even while the old plan is still active. However, note the following conditions for how changing your current plan may affect your billing:

  • When you switch from a lower plan to a higher one (e.g. from the Startups plan to the Business plan), the price difference will be charged immediately, prorated for the remaining time of the billing cycle.

  • When you switch from a higher plan to a lower one, you will be switched immediately. You will be charged the cost of the lower plan in the next billing cycle. Also, the prorated difference between the higher plan and the lower one will credited to your next invoice. For example, if you switch from a $300 plan to a $30 plan 5 days before your next billing cycle, $45 will be credited to your invoice (that is (30-300)*5/30=-$45).

Note: When you switch from a higher plan to a lower one, you lose the additional features from your old plan and this may affect any part of your app that depends on those features.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel your active billing plan from the Billings page in the Authgear Portal. To do that, look for the Switch back to Free plan button at the bottom of the billings page.

How does proration work?

Proration works by calculating the total cost of your new billing plan from the day you subscribe to the last day of the same month. Instead of charging the full cost of the plan on the day you subscribe, we only charge you for the sum of days left from that day to the last day of the same month. For example, you will be charged for only 15 days when you subscribe on the 15th day of a month like September.

Note: The prorated bill is charged immediately on the same day you subscribed. After that, billing for each month is done on the first day of that month.

What happens after I cancel?

Canceling your active plan defaults you to the free version of Authgear. As a result, you'll lose all the extra features and additional capacity for MAU.

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