Authgear Overview

Authgear is a highly adaptable identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) platform for web and mobile applications

Authgear is an authentication & user management solution which makes it very easy for developers to integrate and customize their consumer applications, it includes these features out of the box:

  • Zero trust authentication architecture with OpenID Connect (OIDC) standard.

  • Easy-to-use interfaces for user registration and login, including email, phone, username as login ID, and password, OTP, magic links, etc for authentication.

  • Support a wide range of identity providers, such as Google, Apple, and Azure Active Directory (AD).

  • Support biometric login on mobile, Passkeys, and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) such as SMS/email-based verification and authenticator apps with TOTP.

  • A user management portal, like password resets, account locking, scheduled deletion or anonymization, and user profile management.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) provides a single unified experience for your customers to log into multiple web/mobile apps, including Web2Web, Web2App, and App2App SSO.

  • Session management with Authgear Portals, and a pre-built setting page for users to control concurrent sessions.

  • Customizable UI with a user-friendly drag-drop low-code dashboard.

  • Various security features such as audit logs, brute force protection, smart account lockout, password policy, etc.

  • APIs for further integration and customizations.

Most importantly, you can get started with Authgear for free.

Learn about Authgear

Authgear contains the following high-level components:

Authenticate on the Web/Mobile App

  • Client App SDKs - for developers to quickly implement authentication with Auth UI on your web and mobile applications. Check out Start Building for tutorials and API References.

  • Auth UI - is the default batteries included UI for login, signup and setting page. You can customize the style via the Portal, including the CSS and HTML of each page.

  • Authentication Flow API (coming soon) - for developers to implement their own login, signup and reauthenticate UI (e.g. a mobile native view); or to define a customized login, signup and reauth flow.

  • Use Authgear as OpenID Connect Provider - for developers to use Authgear with other software that already support OIDC login, you can use Authgear as an OpenID Connect Provider.

Backend Authentication and Integrations

  • Backend Integration - explain the common approach of using Access Token or Cookies (JWT or random string) to authenticate an API or HTTP Requests.

  • Admin API - allow your backend to interact directly with Authgear for user management purpose.

  • Events and Hooks - call external web endpoint or use the hosted type-script to customize the behaviour of Authgear. E.g. blocking certain type of sign up, or call external endpoint for each login

Management Portal

  • Authgear Portal - You can configure your projects, manage users, check out audit log, or customize the AuthUI

  • Analytics Page - View reports of your total users and active users over a specific time interval on the analytics page.

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