Custom domain

Set up a custom domain to let your users to access the Authgear pages with your unique, brand-centric domain name. You can use a custom domain (e.g. instead of the Authgear generated domain (e.g. <YOUR_APP>

A paid subscription is required for setting up a custom domain.

1. Add domain

  • Go to Custom Domain in your project portal.

  • Enter the custom domain name that you would like to connect to Authgear, and click Add.

  • Your custom domain will appear on the list, click Verify to start the verification process.

2. Verify domain ownership

  • Go to your domain provider's site, add DNS records based on the values shown on the portal page.

  • Click Verify after adding the DNS records, you may need to wait for the propagation of your updated DNS records.

3. Activate your custom domain

  • You will return to the custom domain list after verifying your custom domain. Click Activate to use your custom domain.

  • Now you can access Authgear pages with your custom domain, your default Authgear generated domain (e.g. <YOUR_APP> cannot be used anymore. Update your SDK endpoint to use the new custom domain.

  • The certificate of your custom domain is managed by Authgear, you may need to wait for a while for certificate provisioning.

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