Connect Apps to Microsoft AD FS


  1. Setup your own AD FS server

  2. Create an application in your AD FS Server, obtain "Client ID", "Client Secret" and "Discovery Document Endpoint". Discovery Document Endpoint typically ends with /.well-known/openid-configuration. Configure your application with redirect uri https://<YOUR_AUTHGEAR_ENDPOINT>/sso/oauth2/callback/adfs.

Redirect URI has the form of /sso/oauth2/callback/:alias. The alias is used as the identifier of OAuth provider. You can configure the alias in Authgear Portal.

Configure Sign in with Microsoft AD FS through the portal

  1. In the portal, go to Authentication > Social / Enterprise Login.

  2. Enable Sign in with Microsoft AD FS.

  3. Fill in Client ID, Client Secret and Discovery Document Endpoint.

  4. Save the settings.

🎉 Done! You have just added Microsoft AD FS Login to your apps!

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