Branding in Auth UI

Customize the look and feel of Authgear to match your branding

You can change how the end-users see Authgear in the UI Settings page in the Portal.


Authgear provides 7 theme color presets. You can also input color codes that match your brand.



Primary Color

Color of the buttons and links. The should match your brand's primary color.

Text Color

Headings and paragraph text.

Background Color

Background color of the Signup, Login and Settings page.

Dark mode

Authgear can change the UI appearance based on the system settings of the end-users. Turn on Dark Theme to enable this feature.

The app logo helps the end-users to identify your app, and it is shown in all pages, emails, etc. JPEG, PNG and GIF are supported.


Change the favicon to match with your web or mobile app to provide a coherent experience for the end-users.

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