Passwordless Login for Apple App Store Review

How to pass the Apple Store review process if your app uses passwordless login.

When you try to publish a mobile app on the Apple AppStore, there will be an App Review process. You need provide a demo user account for the reviewers to access the features of the app.

However passwordless login via email/phone OTP cannot be used in the review because the reviewer do not have access to the email inbox or phone number of that demo account.

You can create a demo account with email/phone and password by turning password on temporarily. In the project portal:

  1. Go to Authentication > Login Methods.

  2. In Select Login Methods, select Custom.

  3. In the tabs section below, select the tab Custom Login Methods.

  4. In Custom Login Methods, activate Password.

  5. Go to User Management, press Add User in the command bar.

  6. Create the demo user by entering the email address and password

  7. Go to where you were in Step 4, deactivate Password.

  8. Now you can login as the demo user in your app with the email and password.

  9. Submit your app for review with the credentials.

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