AWS Reference Architecture

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Cloud Resources Requirements

ProductsPurposesSuggested Specification

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services

Pods to run the applications, cache for user sessions

m5.large (2 vCPUs, 8GiB RAM) x 3 minimum for k8s

Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL

Store system settings, user profiles, audit logs

db.m5.large (2 vCPUs, 8GiB RAM) x 2 for high availability

Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

Store user sessions and usage analytics

Require approximately 30kB per user. Please refer to Deploy with Helm chart

(Optional Components)

Amazon S3:

  • Storage of the user profile images

Managed Elasticsearch:

  • To support search in Authgear admin portal


  • Amazon Web Application Firewall

  • Amazon Application / Elastic Load Balancer

  • Amazon Cloudfront (CDN)


  • Container registry

  • Secret management

Logging Monitoring tools


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