Custom domain
Set up a custom domain to let your users to access the Authgear pages with your unique, brand-centric domain name. You can use a custom domain (e.g. instead of the Authgear generated domain (e.g. <YOUR_APP>
A paid subscription is required for setting up a custom domain.

1. Add domain

    Go to Custom Domain in your project portal.
    Enter the custom domain name that you would like to connect to Authgear, and click Add.
    Your custom domain will appear on the list, click Verify to start the verification process.

2. Verify domain ownership

    Go to your domain provider's site, add DNS records based on the values shown on the portal page.
    Click Verify after adding the DNS records, you may need to wait for the propagation of your updated DNS records.
Setup DNS records and verify

3. Activate your custom domain

    You will return to the custom domain list after verifying your custom domain. Click Activate to use your custom domain.
    Now you can access Authgear pages with your custom domain, your default Authgear generated domain (e.g. <YOUR_APP> cannot be used anymore. Update your SDK endpoint to use the new custom domain.
    The certificate of your custom domain is managed by Authgear, you may need to wait for a while for certificate provisioning.
Last modified 2mo ago