Token-based (Native mobile or Single-page app)

Authenticate incoming request by access token in the HTTP header.

By using Authgear, you can add the login feature to your mobile native app and single-page application easily. Authgear supports various authentication methods, that you can easily turn on and configure in the portal.


How it works

Your app server will receive a request with the access token

Verify request in your app server

To verify the request in your app server, you can choose to Forward authentication to Authgear Resolver Endpoint or Verify JSON Web Token (JWT) in your app server.

Request Example

> GET /api_path HTTP/1.1
> Host:
> Authorization: Bearer <AUTHGEAR_ACCESS_TOKEN>

Get Started

The following tutorials show you how to add user login to your native mobile or single-page app using Authgear.

1. Frontend Integration

Choose your platform below:

pageJavaScript (Web)pageReact Native SDKpageAndroid SDKpageiOS SDKpageFlutter SDKpageXamarin SDK

2. Backend Integration

pageBackend Integration

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